guardians of the galaxy vol. 3: will Thor return in the upcoming Marvel movie? Check out all the latest details on the movie including release date, cast and what might happen.

In the parallel universe, we’d be upgrading up for the clemency of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 this year.

The third movie in the greatly popular series was wonted to come out in 2020 as one of the early movies of Marvel’s Phase 4. Yet, some behind the scenes drama affecting the firing and rehiring of writer-director James Gunn has led to some considerable setbacks.

Favorably, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige did confirm at Comic-Con that they’re running on Guardians 3, even if it isn’t one of the five movies anticipated for Phase 4.

We can eventually expect  the long-awaited return of Star-Lord, Gamora and co.

James Gunn is back on board to rebound for a third touring with Star-Lord and the group. He was let go from the project in July 2018 with the divulging of some dubious tweets from his past and as a result Disney released him from the project.

The abhorrent attitudes and statements exposed on James’ Twitter feed are untenable and uncertain with our studio’s values, and we have detached our business relationship with him,” the organization said in a allegation.

Then, on March 15, it was declared that Gunn had been rehired to the role of director  with Deadline coveraging he’d titled over Disney head honcho Alan Horn with his sincerity.

“I am hugely thankful to every person out there who has backed me over the past few months,” he mentioned on Twitter after the news broke. It took until May 16 for Gunn to speak more honestly about the whole chronicle, saying that “Disney completely had the right to fire me”.

The epic Phase 4 declaration at Comic-Con confirmed Phase 4 movies over  the tail of 2021, so it  seems like we’ll be getting Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in 2022.