Is The Vampire Diaries Getting Renewed for season 9 After The Show Got Wrapped Up? Here’s what we know!

The Vampire Diaries was an immensely popular series and fans surely can’t get enough of it. However, like all good things this show came to an end back in 2017 with season 8 finale. Fans have still not lost all hope and might be looking on to some good news about the series.

Is Vampire Diaries Being Revived After Such A Long Hiatus?

Apparently, there were strong rumors of the show being revived for a season 9 after the cancellation. While fans were hopeful that this might as well be true, series developer Julie Plec has denied such rumors and said that no plans are being made.

While there’s no confirmation about yet another season yet, it can be possible considering how things were left in season 8. Moreover, the conflicts and animosity between the two brothers along with the chaos caused at the Mystic Falls by Katherine might give way to another new plot for a brand new season.

The Showrunner Might Have Denied The Whole Revival Rumors.

While the Showrunner have some other details to share, if the show anyway gets renewed the familiar cast including Paul Weasley,  Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev would have returned to their respective roles. The story will pick up just how it was left of. While no cast members have yet talked about the show getting renewed. We wonder how will they react in the first place!

Moreover, given the show’s overwhelming popularity and the dominance it had over as many as eight seasons, a revival won’t be a bad idea after all! The show had left behind two successful spinoff shows but we do need the main cast return for season 9! Fans would love that !