‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is Set to Bid Goodbye after 17 Successful Seasons!

Shonda Rhimes’s Grey’s Anatomy is returning for its 17th season. This season is speculated to be the last of the series. Ellen Pompeo, the lead of the show, signed the contracts for two more seasons while the 15th season was being aired. Season 16 is still ongoing but season 17 will be released this year.


Ellen Pompeo talked to People about the show. She said that she did not anticipate the show to be such a big hit and be number one on the network. She further said that the fans dictate and control how the show will end and when will it end even though it seems that the crew is in control. Usually, Grey’s Anatomy‘s seasons air around September so the new season can be expected to come in September this year.

Who all are in season 17?


Pompeo talked about leaving the show and said that she wants to focus on her three children. She wants to give a proper send-off to the show and make the season finale as memorable and perfect as possible.

Apart from Pompeo, Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) is returning. He also signed a contract that will last through 2021. Unfortunately, Justin Chambers won’t be returning as Alex Karev. Karev announced in January 2020 that he was leaving the show for good. His character might get a cameo for a proper send-off.

Where is the trailer?

The trailer will be released shortly before season 17 is put on air which will be in September 2020. It’s highly unpredictable how long this season will be. Since the first season was nine episodes long and the second season was twenty-seven episodes long. Since most of Grey’s Anatomy‘s seasons are twenty-four episodes long there is a high chance for the 17th to be this long too.