Green Flag by Prime Video ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Season 3 is under Production

Jeremy Clarkson got his foot on Amazon Prime

Jeremy Clarkson has announced the third season of his hit Prime Video farm show, Clarkson’s Farm, has been confirmed. He has confirmed Diddly Squat Farm is set to return to the frontlines of the Amazon Prime Video lineup for a second season, Clarkson’s Farm.

Amazon Prime seems so happy with Clarkson’s Farms’ reception that it has renewed for a second season. Amazon was seemingly initially uninterested in the concept, but once Clarksons Farm got the green light to stream on Amazon Prime Video, it soon became one of the platform’s top-rated shows. 

Jeremy Clarkson
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Heading off for Season 3 

Amazon Prime Video has not said when the third season will release to streaming devices. With the second season coming out shortly, probably by the next year 2023, it is going to not be too long until we know more about what is going on. 

With set and done with season 2, Clarkson’s Farm, the unexpected hit Amazon Prime Video pastoral series, has been greenlit for season 3. The production is already underway. Production of the third season has already begun before season two is released, but Prime Video announced more details about when we will be seeing the next chapter from The Grand Tour host Diddly Squat Farm in a statement.

Jeremy co-hosts the series with 24-year-old Kaleb Cooper
Jeremy co-hosts the series with 24-year-old Kaleb Cooper | Credit: Amazon Prime Video

A second season, which includes every familiar face as well as some new ones, may feature the crew dealing with new animals and crops, in addition to the continuing feud with the Native Council, while Clarkson attempts to start a restaurant on the farm.

Following on from the success of The Grand Tour, one of Amazon’s highest-rated shows globally, Amazon’s new hit and on natural public demand, “Clarkson’s Farm” Original is an eight-part series that will be available exclusively on Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories.