Great News For Fans As Extraction 2 Is Officially Happening! But will Chris Hemsworth return?

Soon after the massive success of Avengers Endgame, Chris Hemsworth soon managed to score yet another big hit by starting in the Netflix film titled Extraction. The film went on to become one of the most-watched films in the streaming service. Let us look into the details about the upcoming second film and when it might be releasing?

Time To Rejoice As Extraction 2 Is Officially Happening As Confirmed By Joe Russo Himself!

Now right after the success of the first film, fans are hoping for a second installment as well. Well, we have some big news for fans as it seems like the film’s writer Joe Russo is not going to disappoint fans and might have teased the idea of a second film happening!

Apparently, Joe Russo has already closed a big deal and will be penning down the script of the second film with Sam Hargrave returning as the director for the second film as well. Chris Hemsworth will be returning as the brave Tyler Rake. Although it is not confirmed yet.

Is Chris Hemsworth Returning For The Lead Role?

While the writer of the film has confirmed that a second film is happening, he was tight-lipped about how the movie is going to move forward after how things were left off in the first movie itself. Moreover, he did talk about the loose ending that was left behind that will be most probably picked up in the second film.

However, Netflix’s involvement is still not confirmed by Joe Russo . Although considering the fact that the first film was a huge hit , we are sure the streaming giant would love to stream the second film as well! We sure are waiting!