Our Very Own Captain America Chris Evans Is On Instagram And The Reason Behind Is Pretty Exciting! Check it out.

While all the Avengers star cast has been keeping fans updated with their social media handles, we sure did miss Captain America who was not on Instagram for a long time. However, the actor soon made his debut on social media and he has a pretty big reason to do so!


Chris Evans Joined Instagram And Has A Pretty Big Reason To Do So! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, the Avengers cast members are reassembling and fans have a chance of having a virtual hang-out with all of them. To make this reunion over social media possible, Chris Evans also joined Instagram and now it’s time to reassemble!


The whole virtual meet and greet have been organized to raise money for the pandemic attack and the full money will directly go to organizations such as Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen, and No Kid Hungry. Fans are elated and now are welcoming the actor’s big debut on social media. Take a look at it!

The Whole Virtual Event Is Organized For A Noble Cause. Have a Look.

Captain America star Chris Evans accepted the challenge from Chris Pratt and in turn challenge Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Billy Porter. The process is pretty simple with a fan getting the exclusive chance to have a virtual hang out with Chris Evans and other stars.


Moreover, while it takes just $10 to enter the raffle, the lucky one will be able to have a good Q&A session with the celebrities along with playing board games. Fans are already way too excited about this golden opportunity and we sure do not want to miss a one -on- one virtual meet with the celebs.