Grammy-nominated Lizzo is looking ‘Good As Hell’ in her new song video

Looks like this year, The Grammy-nominated artist Lizzo has dropped the video for her second single let’s take a look at it.

Lizzo, an American singer and songwriter, who started her mainstream singing career with studios like Nice Life and Atlantic Records where she released two albums “Lizzobangers”(2013), and “Big Grrrl Small World”(2015). She achieved quite a good amount of fame in a very little time.

Her new song video “Good as Hell” which back in 2016 got a very simple visual treatment and this time it’s directed by Alan Ferguson, the improvised version have featured her as a cheerleader at Southern University in Louisiana, Outfitted in her dress and dancing all around, swaying through her voice and motivating them a little all along.

Certain students are quite depressed and feeling a little low, where she shows up and then the next thing you know, they are back on their track and all good to face the world and its competition with new energy and a new life bursting out with full of spirits.

And, this is just one song you can’t get enough off, as it is full of catchy lines with the beat and the lines motivating you down the core is just what you need to start your morning afresh and superficial.

“Good as Hell” was originally released in 2016 as a part of her debut EP “Coconut Oil” and was also included in the 2019 album CUZ I LOVE YOU. This song was played also at the MTV VMAs and the single just hit the roof to Top 10 on Billboard ‘s hot 100 and since then has topped pop radio at #1.