Gomorrah Season 5 Marks the End of the Italian Megahit Series with a Bang!

Gomorrah bids farewell with Season 5

HBO Max released “Gomorrah Season5” on its channel. However, this is the fifth and final season of the famous Italian series. Consequently, the newly released season will mark the end of the “Gomorrah” that has been on-screen for almost 7 years!

The megahit series that travelled 190 countries

The Neapolitan Gangster saga has gained a lot of fame in its 7-year journey. Besides winning hearts in its homeland Italy, the series travelled to about 190 countries including the USA. According to Nils Hartmann, who is the senior VP for Sky Studios, the Italian Tv had a before and after ‘Gomorrah’. Formerly the show went to snags in the US due to The Harvey Weinstein controversy.

Gomorrah poster
Instagram|Marco D’Amore

The show had a hard timeĀ 

The bankruptcy of 2018 caught the show in a big mess, said Oliver Bachert, the sales chief of the show selling company. Alongside the underlying cause of bankruptcy, some rights issues, moral values, and the whole stigma affected the series in the USA. Eventually, these factors led to the delay in releasing Seasons 3 and 4 in the stateside. Nevertheless, the first two seasons aired in 2016 after a settlement. Apparently, the series had a lot to struggle with.


HBO’s role in the show’s success

The criminal drama gained success after HBO max took over. In a deal made between the makers, HBO Max released the four seasons of the drama. The streaming platform also released the featured film “The Immortal“. The Immortal acts as a connecting link between the last two seasons. Moreover, HBO Max has always aimed at building a global audience, and has worked true to its name! Even the head of original content for HBO, Sarah Aubrey was mesmerized by the show.

A still from Gomorrah

Inside the Neapolitan Underworld

The crime series is adapted from Savino’s Neapolitan mob expose. The series has always aimed at bringing the audience into the world of Neapolitan criminal lives. Furthermore, the authentic series has some best Italian actors. Marco D’Amore, besides acting, has also directed a few bits of the series along with the Immortal.

Marco D'Amore
MArco D’Amore|Instagram

Last year, the 5th season was released in Italy, leaving the audience emotional with its farewell. Eventually, the finale broke records bagging 1.5 million viewers on average. The series is back on HBO max for us starting 27th January.