Gigi Hadid puts an swift end to a runway mishap at the finale of the Paris fashion week and people can’t stop laughing about it!

What would anyone do when they desperately call Virginie Viard to walk for her Chanel SS20 show and that she is not lifting her call? Probably everyone would have accepted defeat and move on. But this French YouTuber is not ready to accept defeat and has earned the opportunity to walk on the show and has stolen the show in a way that no model has ever done before.

This year’s finale has taken on a set that was specially built to resemble the rooftops of the City of Paris. During the show, a plucky French internet star who is popular for her fashion show stunts has leaped out of the crowds and has joined the models as they continued with their walk on the runway. The internet Star was dressed in something that closely resembles the all-Chanel look. If not for the fact that she had to leap over the shoulders of Vanessa Friedman, Blackpink’s Jennie, Cardi B, and Anna Wintour she might have actually pulled off her stunt without the security chasing after her.

Image: Twitter

In the videos that were later released onto the internet along with the one that Vanessa Friedman has posted on her Twitter account, we can see that the entire front row has cracked up when the internet star has joined the model’s procession without breaking a sweat.

But it was Gigi Hadid who was also one of the models walking on the show to put an end to the tries of the YouTube star, not the security who have chased after her.

As the models start to assemble around the set to take their positions, Gigi Hadid confronts the YouTuber. Though the model seems to have had a little trouble adjusting to the scenario, she put a swift end to it as she led the YouTuber off the set.