Frustrated with being Frustrated? Here are some practical solutions you could try out!

Not everything in our lives goes the way we want. Sometimes the result is the exact opposite of what we wanted.  Being angry, confused, feeling anxious, and overwhelming is all part of being frustrated. Just like love, joy, and depression, frustration is also a feeling or an emotion. It is an emotion that we must be aware of. Decisions are taken when you are frustrated often leads to chaos.

Recent studies point that frustration is often caused when you lose control of your life. This usually happens when you failed at something, and someone else is taking decisions on the next step instead of you. Frustration is also caused when everything around you becomes chaotic.

Try to calm yourself. There are different ways people will opt for. Try to do something that will make you joyful. One of the secure options is taking five deep breaths. Slowly take a breath, hold it for about 5 seconds and then exhale it slowly from your mouth.

Try clearing your mind. Get some exercise. Jog in the nearest part available. Or maybe you can hit the gym. Or you can go for a stroll in your neighborhood. Focus on something that keeps your concentration off your problems.

Try solving your problems when you feel calmer. Ask help from your friends and colleagues. Search for a new direction. Imagine how a genius or your boss would solve it. Check your parameters and aim again.

Try to describe your problem in one sentence to your friend when you meet in a cafe or calmer surroundings. This way, you will drive straight to the point instead of beating their brains out complaining. Ask them what they would do. Try things their way.

If nothing seems to work, think real options available to you. If you feel meeting a therapist would fix your problem, do it.