Jessica Mulroney Re-posted her bikini picture and shut the trolls on Instagram! Reason for the troll was friendship with Meghan Markle’s??

Proud of her body; Jessica Mulroney reposts her bikini picture.

The Canadian 39-year-old fashion stylist, Jesica Mulroney, who also is Meghan Markle’s best friend, was recently attacked by a hoard of trolls on her Instagram page, who mocked her for posting a snap of her clad in a two-piece on Friday.


Facing back to the camera, it was one alluring picture of her in a blue-colored bikini standing by a pool and staring off into the view of the holiday resort during her Las Vegas trip.

She had initially taken down the picture earlier. She was thrown off-guard by such an attack and outrage for absolutely no reason by people who believe themselves to be the keyboard warriors. However, clearing her head, she reposted the picture the next day to hit back at the trolls for their petty thinking and cowardice.


Strongly captioning “I’m proud of my body,” she posted the same picture again to stand against the body shamers. Admitting “feeling attacked,” she explains that she took down the picture, but now she has realized that she doesn’t care. Jessica, who also is a mother of 3 children, says that she works hard on every aspect of her life and is proud of her body. It was a clear signal to her trolls that she won’t bog down to their hate and trolling and is not apologetic for being herself.

With 31K+ likes and 3K+ comments, her post garnered a lot of support from the people and was hailed unanimously. Jessica’s husband too showed his support in writing “Proud of you, honey.”

Standing up for herself

This is not the first time that Duchess’s friend has raised her voice against trolling and body-shaming. In another incident, she had posted her picture in a peach bodycon full-length satin gown from Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, when some people decided to get disgusting and body-sham her by zooming in her parts. Noticing the shaming, she had posted against the trolls within a few hours, warning that body-shaming will not be endured by her.

We applaud Jessica for standing up for herself against the cyber trolls. Her friendship with Dutches has nothing to do with it. It’s just the trollers who chose to target her because of her popularity.