Food Wars: When can Expect Episode 3 & 4 from the Season 5 on their Screens? Check Below to Know the Details.

The fifth season for Food Wars has started airing, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release dates of the upcoming episodes will be affected 

Food Wars might be one of the best animes ever made. Animes have a habit of making everything dramatic and nail biting and they have brought the same elements to one which is about food. The show is about a culinary school which trains Japan’s best chefs and then sets them off to the world to be their own masters.

The show has been adapted from the manga of the same name. It’s Japanese name is Shokugeki No Soma and so far it’s on its fifth season. But the show has hit some roadblocks due to the coronavirus pandemic that has been affecting the whole world for the past 3 months.

Release dates for the coming episodes

Source: Anime Trending

Due to the pandemic, there is going to be a significant delay in releasing episode 3 of season 5. The makers haven’t disclosed the date, but fans have been speculating that it’s going to arrive sometime in July, but again, we can’t confirm anything.

The makers have given their word that they will be announcing the news once they get the release date on the show’s official Twitter handle. They also apologized for the delay this has caused. They also thanked the audience’s for their continued support for the show.

As for the anime’s plot, it revolves around Soma Yukihira, who ran an eatery with his father. One day, his father said that he will be travelling overseas and working at different restaurants and that he has enrolled Soma in a culinary school, so that he can improve his talents. While shocked, Soma agrees and joins Totsuki, Japan’s greatest school for aspiring chefs. He meets many other chefs, forms some good friendships and participates in Food Wars, which are cooking contests to see who reigns at the when it comes to cooking.

The show is an interesting watch, and you will be hooked onto it in no time.