Find Out Here What Rami Malek Has To Say About Mr. Robot Last Season & His Experience while Filming the Series

The award-winning 38-years-old actor Rami Malek gets up-close for the fourth and final season of his latest drama series Mr. Robot.

Finally, Mr. Robot is going to be premiered and Malek opened up about the drama series. The actor was praised for his role in Mr. Robot, 2015. He was also honored by many awards and won Primetime Emmy Award for his excellent acting in it.

The fourth and final season is ready to hit the channel, where Malek once again returns as the lead actor. He will be seen playing the character of a computer hacker, Elliot Alderson alongside Christian Slater as Mr. Robot.

About the latest series, he said, “We are back at it, fiercely, in a showdown with our arch-nemesis White Rose”. He assured his fans that the fourth season would be ‘bittersweet’ and better than its first season.

Malek also got emotional about the last season of his tech-thriller series. Mr. Robot made its fans wait a long time. The series took almost two years to release its final season, and now as it is here, the Robot fans and actors are quite excited about it.

Malek also talked about his journey with Mr. Robot and said, “It’s a tremendously emotional experience. It has been since we began shooting this fourth season, & I know that it will be at the end of this night”. He further added that it’s a profound and prolific moment in his life.

There is no doubt that the series helped in making him an Oscar-winning actor. Malek is also excited about the last season and about its ending, which is strenuous but worth watching.

Malek wrapped up his thoughts saying ” It is a very fulfilling & cathartic ending. If I may be so bold as to say, I think we nailed it”.

The series will go on-air on October 6.