Looks like everything is going well for Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Camila Morrone

The Oscar award winner Leonardo DiCaprio and American actor and model Camila Morrone are in a serious relationship.

Looks like everything is going well for Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Camila Morrone 1
Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

The pair enjoyed a lowkey dinner with Leo’s father George DiCaprio on Sunday,22. The trio spotted together at Beverly Hills.

The family outing gives away a strong indication that everything is going well for the couple. Both actors have been together since 2017. The relationship between Leo and Camila initially began when Camilo’s stepfather Al Pacino introduced both of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone enjoyed a holiday together with parents back in August. The luxurious holiday was destined in Europe. Their relationship started back in December 2017. Since then, their bond has grown stronger than ever before.

The pair is judged because of the age gap of 22 years. In August this year, Camila took over Instagram to hit back the haters. Camilo Morrone uploaded a collection of pictures of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall who had an age difference of 25-years.

Morrone compared her relationship with Leo to the legends. She captioned the post as – ‘A love like this.’

Unfortunately, the haters did not stop trolling. They slammed with their negative opinions in the comment section of that post. Camila handled the situation gracefully and replied to all the haters in her story.

Camila mentioned that people are mean. She hopes people should spread less hatred around. A life without hatred is pretty good. Also, they should invest the time elsewhere instead of showing anger and hate.

Leo and Camila are snapped several times holding hands in the streets of NYC.

A source told People that the couple seems pretty serious about their relationship. It’s not a casual one. Camila spends time at his house and Leo introduced her to his parents long back.