Finally “Emily Doe,” the woman assaulted by an athlete Brock Turner revealed her identity!!

Once at the Standford, a woman has read out a sentence at the Stanford sentencing that the college swimmer has sexually assaulted her on the premises of Stanford University. For a long time, the identity of the woman who has made the sentence and was sexually assaulted has been kept a secret. But now, her name is revealed.

For all these years the woman was referred to as “Emily Doe” during all of the legal proceedings. “Emily Doe” was sexually assaulted while she was unconscious by Brock Turner in the premises of Stanford University, outside a fraternity house.

But just before she has launched her memoir “Know My Name” on the 24th of September, Chanel Miller has taken the initiative and revealed her identity ahead of the CBS 60 minutes interview.

The Jury has found Brock Turner guilty for assaulting Ms. Miller in January 2015. Miller was, in fact, incapacitated by alcohol during this incident.
When Brock Turner was convicted with only six months of jail, many people were enraged by the punishment given. Brock Turner had charges on him for sexually assaulting an intoxicated victim and for attempt rape. Moreover, Brock Turner was released before three months of original punishment on probation.

Finally "Emily Doe," the woman assaulted by an athlete Brock Turner revealed her identity!! 3

In the year 2016, the Glamour has recognized and honored “Emily Doe,” now known as Miller, as the Woman of the Year alongside actresses Gabourey Sidibe, Amber Heard, Lena Dunham, and Freida Pinto.

Since 1932, Judge Aaron Persky was the first judge to be recalled in the state of California by voters in 2018. Judge Aaron Persky was the one who has imposed the punishment on Brock Turner.

Many citizens of California have protested that Aaron Persky has followed an outdated judicial system to bring justice to “Emily Doe.” This outdated judicial system has taken the sexual assault of the woman too lightly and is mainly focused on the athlete with a budding career.