Final Black Adam Trailer Reveals Official Villain Sabbac, and the Return of Amanda Waller

We are only a month away from seeing it in theatres

The final trailer for Dwayne Johnson-starrer Black Adam is out, giving us a closer look at the new DCEU. The movie had been in development for ages, with Johnson getting cast way back in 2013 or 2014. Shazam’s greatest enemy will be the leading character and will be an anti-hero, instead of the pure villain he’s usually depicted as. The character was meant to debut in 2019’s Shazam! but Johnson pitched the idea that he should appear in a separate film to properly set his foundation.

The New Black Adam Trailer

Amanda Waller
Warner Bros.

Black Adam will show us the origin of Teth-Adam, a slave from Kahndaq who was given powers of a god, but then got sealed for 5000 years. Upon escape, Adam starts brutally killing anyone who challenges him, causing Amanda Waller to order the Justice Society of America to look into him and bring him under control. Waller seems to be working with reputed heroes instead of secret organizations like Task Force X, aka, the Suicide Squad.

The trailer also showed that while the JSA has their hands tied with Adam, a new threat emerges. Aladdin star Marwan Kenzari will be playing Ishmael Gregor, aka Sabbac in the movie. Sabbac is touted to be the big bad in Black Adam and while we haven’t seen him properly in the trailer, his toys are available to take a look at.

The DCEU’s definitive return?

Hawkman vs Sabbac
Warner Bros.

While the movie spent a long time in the making, the new trailer has seemingly confirmed that it will be worth it. The costumes are incredibly designed, and so is the CGI. In a time where Marvel movies are being harshly criticized, this is the chance for DC to make a massive comeback with their joined universe.

Black Adam hits theatres on October 21.