Film producer Dan Spilo’s ‘Survivior’ audition tape is an awkward combination of celebs and cringe worthy jokes.

Film producer, Dan Spilo, who was a part of Survivor: Island of the Ideals has been fired from the show but his footage raised a lot of eyebrows.

Dan’s tape has spilled his beans.


Dan Spilo, the first-ever ‘Survivor’ contestant to get kicked out of the 39th season of the series, got an array of big names in his quest to become a contestant at the show. He even flaunted about the same. According to TMZ, the footage taken of the audition that got the Film Producer in the Island of the Isles season is a bit intriguing one and a little uncomfortable. The tape starts with him in full gear trekking through a jungle while the Mission: Impossible theme plays in the background. Then he explains why he has what it takes him to win the 39th season.

Later, we seen Dan in his L.A. office revealing himself as a top talent manager. He compares his 20 years in the industry to be on Survivor and includes photos of himself with stars like Jack Black, Javier Bardem, Bon Jovi, and Olivia Wilde. This made the footage a little hysterical.

The audition tape looks as if it has been slightly produced. But, unfortunately, Dan has been eliminated from the show. There have been some startling moments that have caused in his removal. Dan was found in multiple reports of unwanted touching and this has cost him badly now.