Will the makeover of Jesus’ birthplace Bethlehem help in boosting the rate of tourists?

Jesus’ Bethlehem birthplace gets a makeover. But will it boost tourism? This is the question many of the people there and around the area as well asked. Even the officials want to the answer to that. Many people from around the world visit Bethlehem. It is Christmas season and so many people come to Bethlehem to revive those memories and see and be with the place. They do this to feel a a connection between themselves and those past incidents and memories.

Though many people might still say that the incidents may not be real. But there is proof of all those incidents, happenings and it’s connection with the birth of baby Jesus.

The building was actually pretty old. But now the government has taken initiative to make it better and beautiful. It has been changed but not completely so it doesn’t lose the important of the place and it’s details. They want to make the place more welcoming. The government gave better infrastructure and everything. It did cost a lot of money for them and because of this, there has been financial crisis. But that isn’t the only reason. Bethlehem is already suffering from unemployment and people do not have proper jobs over there.

So now with the money being spent, it can increase the matter further. The reason is because there is lots of guide, tourist guides from different parts coming to Bethlehem to earn more money. But then people in the area are unemployed because they do not get any chance to be tour guides or any other jobs.

Hopefully now more people will come to visit the Bethlehem, as it is fully built well with good infrastructure. All the people can enjoy and stay not just for weeks, but more than that.