Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, made a royal plea for the lonely people. How can you help?

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, made a royal plea for Christmas. She is heartbroken over the loneliness people face on Christmas and how many people are affected by it. Actually many people do not realize it or do not care. But there are people out there who are lonely not even just during Christmas, but also during other days as well. Not everyone realizes the value and importance of people around them. There are many out there who do not have loved ones to share their feelings or to talk and all. This is a sad and depressing thing to hear and to learn about it.

But, Camilla has taken an initiative to stop this loneliness in people. It can occur or happen to any person. But it most likely hits the older generation, when they are old and dependent on others. They can either be ill, disabled or not able to do anything. All this helplessness leads people to the stage of loneliness, where they feel like they do not have anyone for them for anything.

So Camilla came up with a helpline called ‘Silver Line.’ It actually is for people who are lonely and feel like talking to someone to make that depressing feeling go away. It is open 24/7 and everyone can access and talk whenever they feel like. This method is good because it makes them feel like there is someone out there to listen to everything and to understand more.

The help that the public can do is by donating for this cause. This in turn helps in creating more effective ways to remove loneliness. The expenses for the calls to the helpline made by the public is taken care by the donations it receives. So the public do not have to spend any money. And they can have someone to talk as well.