Fans Bid a Teary Goodbye to Supernatural as the Popular Series Comes to an End after 15 Successful Years

After a renowned 15 long years run, Supernatural comes to an end.  The famous horror series is finally airing it’s the last episode tonight.

“Supernatural” fans were treated to a video taken by Dean and Sam on their last day of filming the final season of the series, ready to “take it home” on The CW.

Ackles and Padalecki at first had their questions about the consummation of the series. Leads in the adventure series for longer than 10 years, they sought on a decent completion after their characters, Sam and Dean.

As the pandemic of Covid caused a break in the closure of season 14 and the creation of season 15, Padalecki and Ackles chose to utilize the time and discover what had been fermenting in the authors’ room in Los Angeles.

“And I just walked out of there kind of uneasy. I don’t know if it was just the fact that I just heard the ending of a show that had been going for 15 years, and I’m just too close to it to really accept a finality to it,” Ackles explained.

The horror adventure series was initially planned to conclude in the month of May 2020, but thanks to COVID-19 pandemic the production was delayed and the show got stretched for a few more months.

The two-hour series finale happens on November 19. The 15th and last season of “Supernatural” indicated a drop in appraisals, plunging under 1 million viewers for every episode multiple times during the season. Ackles, who stars as Dean, at first experienced difficulty tolerating how the writers eventually went on with the final ending.

With the ending, fans can easily expect an emotional outflow for their favourite series. The penultimate episode will wrap up the plot with all fans waiting and speculating for a fitting end. Many netizens have already started missing their all-time beloved adventure series.