Jordan Klepper got no chill as he now confronts Angry Trump Followers after the results

While virtually the entirety of the ongoing political consideration on Iowa has been centred around the Democratic gathering, Donald Trump and his most intense allies haven’t gone anyplace. A week ago, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper went to Des Moines to converse with a portion of individuals going to a Trump rally there.

The primary point at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts was the indictment and on the off chance that you believed that subject couldn’t get any additionally discouraging, lash in.

During this outing to Iowa, Klepper utilized his particular meeting style, breathtakingly getting individuals to weaponize their own obliviousness against themselves. We’ve seen him do this with Trump allies various occasions previously and it’s consistently difficult yet it never gets old.


The entire video is only five and a half minutes of tuning in to individuals parrot out the rubbish ideas that they don’t simply accept yet will effectively shield, in spite of them being straight-up, effectively disprovable falsehoods on the off chance that you just take around 15 seconds to really consider them.

Klepper isn’t generally so thoughtful to his subject. In another episode, he joined second Amendment fanatics attempting to get rid of the last sliver of open-convey limitation in the territory of Texas. The protesters went into a Stop and Shop hauling AR’s, which the lady behind the counter approved of – however she would not permit Klepper’s camera into the shop.

When asked, she affirmed to Klepper she had a weapon behind the counter.

“I’m the only one in the Stop & Shop without a gun,” Klepper joked-but-not-really.

Republicans came up with the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to describe liberal and progressive criticisms of Trump and I will never understand that usage because honestly, what else are we supposed to call all of this?