Facebook and Twitter Undertaking Warning Labels To Stop The Spread Of Misinformation And False Claims!

While all the anticipation regarding the election week is finally over and America has its next president and vice president in the form of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Social Media Sites Putting Warning Labels On Some Post- Election Lies!

However, there has been some post-election drama that has been resurfacing on the internet and we wonder how much strict guidelines are these popular social media sites undertaking to protect the authenticity of information and to further avoid the spread of misinformation amongst users.

Out of all the social media giants, Facebook rolled out several strict rules targeting all the election-related misinformation and false claims. Twitter, has also followed a similar procedure in an order to limit the spread of misinformation about the election.

There Has Been An Effort To Stop Any Such Misleading Lies Around.

This has been quite effective and has in some cases stopped users from liking or retweeting Trump’s posts. However, some have observed that  Twitter’s warning labels may be relatively more effective than Facebook’s.  With social media becoming all the more popular amongst people, these facts spread like wildfire. So, it is important that all the false claims and information are filtered to avoid any such unfavourable circumstances which might go on to become a serious issue.

While we are not quite sure how effective it has been , but Facebook has reportedly labelled as many as a million posts as false since all the post election blame game that started. While several public figures have been spreading awareness warning everyone to not pay heed to any of the false claims and spread of wrong information that might result in any kind of political unrest amongst people.