Fairy Tail Guild: The Queen of Fairies ‘Erza Scarlet’ Stands Out for her Steel Personality and Strong Characterization – A Review

Get to know about one of Fairy Tail Guild’s strongest mages

Erza Scarlet is a level S mage from the Fairy Tail Guild. She is in the same team as Natsu, Grey, Lucy, and Happy, and she, along with Natsu and Grey, is called the “Monster Trio.” She is the guild’s strongest female mage and is known for her incredible fighting skills on the battlefield. She has a stern personality, and most guild members, including her own teammates, are scared of her. Despite this, she cares deeply for her comrades like a mother would and treats everyone like family. She lost her own family after her hometown was ransacked and burnt to the ground by worshippers of the dark mage Zeref.

Profile and Stats
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Her magic ability lies in her arsenal of armors and swords, which she can equip and Requip in microseconds. She has a wide range of armors, all for different fight styles, and she chooses accordingly. With her Requip magic, she’s always prepared for a fight.

In terms of personality, she is stern and always makes it a point to speak her mind. She is impatient and expects quick results. She has a strong sense of justice and pride, so she always expects a fair fight and always fights with everything she has, even against enemies who are twice as strong as her. Her teammates and fellow guild members know that while she can be scary, she’s an extremely reliable person, and they can trust her to have their backs.

Her romantic affiliation is with Jellal, a childhood friend, who was consumed by dark energy. But Jellal overcame it and decided to spend the rest of his life repenting for all the sins he has committed. Towards the end of the anime, while they hadn’t become an official couple, it seemed that it would only be a matter of time.