EXO’s Sehun Looks Dapper in the Teaser Stills of upcoming Drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’

Sehun will be starring alongside Sing Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong

New stills of EXO‘s Sehun in the new drama Now We Are Breaking Up are out!

The romantic drama will portray love and breakups in different ways. It stars Song Hye Kyo as Ha Young Eun, a manager of the design team at a fashion company called The One. The actress is making her return after a 2-year hiatus from television. Her character is described as trendy, intelligent, and a realist. Jang Ki Yong stars opposite her as Yoon Jae Guk, a rich and popular freelance photographer, who is both intelligent and good-looking. Both are contrasting characters, but an unlikely romance sparks between the two. They will be the leads.

Another unique aspect of the show is that the new relationship has an almost instant fallout. But the couple tries to repatch things and slowly goes back to the beginning.

Sehun’s role

EXO’s Sehun Takes On Trendy And Bold Character For Drama 'Now, We Are Breaking Up'

Sehun will play Hwang Chu Hyung, a new employee of the company, who also happens to be the youngest son of the CEO. It’s yet to be seen if this little piece of information would be kept as a secret from the employees. However, it is a common character trope to have some big secret hidden even from close associates. Choi Hee Seo will play his older sister Hwang Chi Sook.

In the stills released recently, we see Sehun as Hwang Chi Hyung, busy with his office tasks. He’s seen wearing a black leather jacket in two of them, and a clean-cut grey suit in one. Hwang Chi Hyung is described as having a cutely confident personality, and Sehun is seen channelling the two personalities in the images. The still gives off an image of him being clueless though he has serious looks. His look is reported to be more casual since he wears a white t-shirt underneath despite the formal suit.

Now, We Are Breaking Up‘s production team had similar things to say about Hwang Chi Hyung’s  character. They had great praise for Oh Sehun and his portrayal. In the end, it’s something to look forward to.

Production team

EXO’s Sehun Takes On Trendy And Bold Character For Drama 'Now, We Are Breaking Up'

The romantic drama is directed by Lee Gil-Bok, written by Je In, and produced by Samhwa Networks and United Artists Agency for SBS.  It’s all set to air on SBS TV on November 12, 2021, and will air every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 KST.