Ex Disney star says the judge in his teen sex case is biased against the gay people!!

Ex Disney star says the judge in his teen sex case is biased against the gay people. Stoney Westmoreland was accused of trying to have sex with a thirteen year old boy in Salt Lake City. But the judge in charge of the case Mr. Neilson is very biased against gay people. He does not like and approve gays so Westmoreland in a case like this has got him in a problem itself.

Westmoreland judge says that Neilson was the judge who banned gay marriage in California so him being in this case will be biased and the verdict would not come out right. But Neilson argues and he comments about the statement that the case is not in the favour of Westmoreland as he is in fault. Being says that he is not against Westmoreland and does not have any personal problems with him and that the case would not be a biased one with gay people at fault.

In this, Westmoreland is at fault for trying to have sex with a 13 year old boy, who is still a minor. Even if the boy was a major, he has to be willing to do it otherwise the same would happen in the case.

The actor was removed from his role as ‘Andie’ in a recent show in Disney Channel. Right after his arrest news came out and Westmoreland being arrested, the show removed him. Hence the star became an ex in the Disneyland Channel.

Anyhow it is kind of his fault. He himself brought this upon himself. The judge even says that upon arresting Westmoreland, he said he was not guilty because it was a case of a minor and he knew he had no way out of this whole mess. Also everyone is curious on how Westmoreland changed from being heterosexual to a gay now. That story is for another time and for that question to be solved, there needs to be lot of answers.