Sara Gilbert and wife Linda Perry split up after 5 years of marriage!!

Sara Gilbert and wife Linda Perry split up after almost five years of marriage. Some says that the couple gave the divorce papers on August but they are legally being separated now. So it is not that of a good road for both of them. As the new year is comin, both of them are going to have bad ending. Sara who is 44 and Perry, 54 had a child. Now who is going to look after the child is a question. Who is going to have the right is still unknown and is yet to be known.

The Roseanne star, Sara made a request to not provide parental support for both Perry and her, which is also sad. But at the end it is their choice as it’s is their own life and their own baby. So they have the right to make their own decisions as well in it.

Both the pair would not have any problem financially, that is for sure. Perry has two record label in her music business that she founded and she is also a singer. Gilbert also is an actor as well. So both of them would not have any problem in looking after thr child and looking after their own life as well.

The couple got married in March 2014 through proper ceremony. Then from there they brought a son into their life. Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry was born in February 2015 and from there their life started. But now they are breaking all ties they had together.

The sad news is that Gilbert has two children from a previous relationship, which was with Allison Adler. This probably led to the split between the couple and the break up of their marriage. Even Perry says that Sara has destroyed her show and her life. Probably she was tired from all of this and needed a permanent break from all of this. So this decision was made.