Channing Tatum is feeling lonely after Jessie J split! The actor ‘signs up’ to exclusive dating app!

Channing Tatum is on a dating app! According to Us Weekly multiple sources said that after splitting with Jessie J in November, the 39-year-old is currently single and has joined exclusive dating app, Raya and included some very saucy references to his former stripping life in his profile.

In October 2018 the news broke that the pair were dating, but in November of this year Us Weekly reported that the couple had split but remained “really close and still good friends.”

Now, multiple reports have said that he has joined Raya, a dating app for “elite singles,” that welcomes celebrities and is designed for “successful singles”. According to reports, his bio reads “And yes, I used to be a stripper. Sorry 🤷‍♂️”. Furthermore, his profile song is “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo. Which sounds a bit 2008 MySpace. So naturally, I am completely in support.

The star also chose the sexy song Brown Sugar by D’Angelo to support his profile. A rep for Channing has been contacted by Mirror Online for comment.

Meanwhile, a source told E! News how the hunky dancer is eager to date again, saying he would “love to be dating someone” after his mutual split from pop icon Jessie.

The source revealed: “He wants to have fun again and he doesn’t care if he meets someone online, a setup or just walking down the street.”However, it seems Jessie isn’t in as high spirits as her ex, Channing.

On Friday she posted a cryptic Instagram message, breaking her silence for the first time since their public split.

Taking to Instagram, newly single Jessie confessed to her fans: “Delayed emotions are not fun.”It was a contrast to the pop star’s earlier post that showed her laughing along to the Robin Williams classic Mrs. Doubtfire at home on her TV.

As Jessie appeared to be struggling her ex Channing also seemed to be in a reflective mood.

An insider close to the Hollywood star confirmed that he split with Jessie in November but wanted to remain ‘good friends’ with her.