Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” is coming sooner than you know, but is Johnny Depp returning? Read to know all exclusive updates!

The movie that brought an Oscar nomination for Jhonny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean has ended up with its five parts. Jhonny played his character Jack Sparrow in a very brilliant manner. And now the fans are eagerly awaiting for the sixth installment. In addition, they are also waiting eagerly to get the confirmation about their favorite actor’s return. Imagining this movie without Depp is like a eating a tasteless food.


What’s the current status of renewal?

In a recent interview of Jerry Bruckheimer, the movie’s producer he revealed that they are working on the draft of the movie right now. Hopefully they’ll be able to complete it soon and hand it over to Disney. They also hope that Disney will like the film but aren’t confirmed about it right now. Plans for Pirates of the Caribbean initiated late in 2018.

Will Johnny Depp return?


The most important part of this movie is Jack Sparrow. He gained popularity internationally with the original first part of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
When the Producer was asked about the return of Jack Sparrow’s character he said that the movie is currently in its developing stage and they are not sure of whether his role will be reprising or not.


However, it is possible that Depp will have a cameo appearance in the sixth part of this movie. According to the hints from the fifth installment his cameo appearance is confirmed. But as far as the lead role is concerned, we’ll be seeing a new character for it about which we will discuss anytime soon. Stay tuned to get all the updates of Pirates of the Caribbean 6.