Euphoria: The Season 2 Should be Arrived Now. Why is the Delay? When is it Expected to Release? Find Out all the Details here.

Euphoria is one of the leading American teen drama, which talks about the lifestyle of high school students and the struggles they deal with, which have launched till 1 season yet and was released on HBO. Now since the season 1 got so much love, and fans wanted a season 2 to come, it is finally renewed.

However, till now, no official date has been confirmed by the HBO. It was told by the stars in July 2019, that the season will be launched in June 2020. but it has been delayed due to the outbreak of the huge pandemic all over the world.

Picture: HBO

Talking about its cast, there has not been any confirmation that who will be the actors in the season; however, sources reveal that it will be having the same actors of season 1.

it is, however, confirmed that Zendaya, one of the main characters of the show, would be seen in season 2 because she made it clear on social media by putting a post as soon as she got a call for the show.

The proper storyline for season 2 has not been released yet; maybe after some days, we will get to see one.

Picture: HBO

in this season, more of those characters, stories will be told who was less seen in season 1, such as  Fez.

Till now, there has not been any official trailer as well. However, it is expected to release somewhere when this pandemic situation comes under control.

Presently, this is all we know about season 2; for more updates, we can wait for the pandemic to get over, and then maybe we can see season 2 on our HBO channels.

Till then, if you are huge fans of the series, you can binge-watch them and stay contented.