CERN is Taking Extreme Initiatives Against COVID-19; The Community Developed a High-tech Ventilator to Fight COVID-19 Effectively

In Europe physicist are working on a ventilator for COVID-19 patients which works on batteries. The work is done in Europe CERN lab, which basically deals with mild coronavirus patients. According to the Swiss-based lab, this model should be ready as soon as possible. It should be in use within weeks and in hospitals soon. This will help us in many ways. Such as, this will save heavy-duty machines and will save electricity.

This facility is developed in Geneva, and almost 18,000 strong network experts are involved in it. It is a resource against the COVID-19 pandemic, as said by Fabiola Gianotti. This technology comes from CERN, which is a giant lab in a tunnel situated in the French-Swiss border, which as the world’s most powerful particle accelerator.

Engineers and Physicists are working on this High-energy Ventilator (HEV) in the LHC lab. Since this pandemic is hitting the world hard, it is getting difficult to arrange the resources and ventilators. Therefore this technology would help everyone in a major way.

Some other research for the novel ventilator is going on, which can detect the gas flow for particle physics detectors, and this could be used to make a novel ventilator.

However, the HEV can be used for patients who are in a mild recovery phase of coronavirus. In this case, the high-end machines would be available for intensive cases of coronavirus. This ventilator is cheap and runs on solar energy or emergency generators.

Other initiatives by CERN

The CERN community is really taking great initiatives for the society. They are producing sanitizers and perspex barriers, especially for the police force. Meanwhile, the lab is also working on the vaccine of COVID-19. It is definitely the most important thing right now. The best part is, any research to fight against COVID-19 will be licensed and will be in use as soon as tested.