Jimmy Fallon’s Little Daughters Made Ethan Hawke’s “The Good Lord Bird” Interview Way More Interesting and Adorable with their Presence

Hardly professional, but funny and adorable nonetheless 

Ethan Hawke appeared as a guest on the Tonight Show’s special home edition to talk about his new passion project, the upcoming Showtime miniseries “The Good Lord Bird,” which talks about real-life abolitionist John Brown, portrayed by himself, his interview got interrupted by Fallon’s two little girls who came in screaming and giggling.

Source: NY Daily News
Stealing the spotlight 

Ethan was prepared for something like this to happen ever since The Tonight Show got shifted to Fallon’s home due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Are your kids interrupting our interview?” he asked with a smile.

The children, Winnie and Franny, have apparently been stealing the spotlight from both their father and his guests and have gone on to become the new stars of the show.

“I got my kids in the other room. I take my job seriously, Jimmy!” lamented Hawke as the little girls began climbing all over the desk and coming so close to the camera that all Hawke could see was their giggling faces. He tried to take his chance and asked the girls if they could help him in getting their dad’s old Volkswagen, but clearly, they were having so much fun that he was left on reading.

When Fallon was finally able to shoo them out, Hawke remarked that this was the best moment he ever had on television and that his kids are awesome. Talk about wholesome!

Hardly had he finished talking that the two returned, shrieking and giggling, and Hawke started joking that they were interrupting his precious airtime and finished it off with a classic “Kids have no respect!” line.

Good thing they don’t, because they were a great help in setting our minds at ease during these troubling times, and they have never failed to bring a smile to the faces of the guests, as well as the viewers.