According to RAND report Quantum Computers may pose a threat in future if adequate measures are not taken.

Recently, RAND Corporation of the USA published a report on threats due to Quantum computers. The report provides the “Urgent but Manageable threat” to the security of modern communication.

A US-based think tank requests the US government to take quick action because Quantum code-breaking could be destructive in the next 15 years. So adequate actions should be taken to prevent the threat.

Michael Vermeer, a scientist, and author of the report said that if the new security measures should be enforced adequately. If the measures have not been implemented by the time the capable computer is developed, then it will become impossible to protect secure authentication and communication privacy.

Several experts in Quantum computing, such as Scott Aaronson of the University of Texas has proposed a hazier timeline.

Furthermore, he said that quantum computers manufactured by IBM and Google had been around 50 to 100 quantum bits. Although, running Shor’s algorithm to break public-key RSA cryptosystem would take around 1000 logical cubits. However, Scott conferred that he doesn’t think that anyone is around that. Though he has no idea how much time it will take.

According to the RAND report, it is anticipated that by 2033, the quantum computer will be functional to crack the cryptosystem. Before that, the PQL algorithm should be applied within five years. However, for full implementation of the protocol, the world includes the USA required a long time to mitigate the risk of quantum Crypto cracking.

The report further expresses that lack of knowledge among the consumer and indifference to the issues push no demands for the change.

The report concluded that the relevant policy, risk reduction measure, and security regulations to minimize threats should be taken so that the future communication infrastructure can be safe.