Emily in Paris: Emily or Camille – Who’ll be Gabriel’s Choice? Let’s find Out

“Emily in Paris” is an American comedy drama series which is streaming on Netflix. It was premiered on Netflix on 2nd of October, 2020. It is a great rom-com web series which everyone is enjoying. Well, currently there is only one season of the show with 10 episodes in total. In the end of the show there is only one question which leaves everyone in disguise that is, whether Emily will end up with Gabriel in season 2 or not?

Let us learn more about the series.


The story revolves around Lily Collins who has recently moved to Paris from America. A lot of things happen in her life, especially with her love interest. The season ends without answering a lot of questions especially that who will Gabriel choose, Emily or Camille? Gabriel is a character who is shown as Emily’s love interest in the series.

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At the end of the series Emily receives a text from Camille which says “Can we talk?”

When will season 2 drop on Netflix?

There is no confirmation from the production yet. In fact, even if we assume there are no chances that season of “Emily in Paris” will drop before 2022 at least. Moreover, the location of the series shooting is done in the Paris so shooting the series there in midway of the pandemic is kind of impossible. Below is the trailer of season 1.

Cast of the show

Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery and Camille Razat are part of the series. Above all, the show is creation of Darren Star. It is produced by Stephen Joel Brown, Shihan Fey along with other three producers. Moreover, Lily Collins herself is also a producer of the movie.

So it will be interesting to see if Gabriel will return to his old flame or choose to address his attraction and likeness for Emily, and if Emily will support Gabriel’s decision.