Undercover: The Crime Drama is Returning with Season 2 and Here’s Why You should be Excited! Full Details Below

Undercover is a Belgian crime drama. In fact, the series is also inspired by true events. The season 1 of the show was released on February 24, 2019 in Belgium. The show is renewed for its second season which has already premiered on Een. Season 1 of the show was streamed on Netflix on 3rd of May, 2019. So, there is different date for season 2 streaming on Netflix. Let’s know more about shows synopsis, cast and streaming dates on Netflix.

Courtesy: Netflix


Well, as we know that season1 was centred on illicit medication exchange, plot of season 2 is set for something else. But the makers have done something different with the plot of season 2. Sources say that fans will Bob and Kim in a different existence. Also, the game of exchange of unlawful arms will also turn ugly. Therefore, the exchange of illicit weapons in Belgium is a big part of season 2 of “Undercover”. Watch the trailer of season 2 below:

Release date

As we all know, the whole licensing and release dates of the show is a bit complicated with Netflix. But after all the chaos it is cleared that when we will have chance to watch season 2 of “Undercover” on Netflix. The season 2 has already aired on Een on 6th of September, 2020. We will have to wait for 8th of November, 2020 to watch it on Netflix.

Cast of the show

The show is created by Nico Moolenaar. Tom Waves, Anna Drijver, frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Raymond Thiry, Robbie Cleiren, Huub Smit and many more are part of the cast. Although, any major changes in the cast is not yet revealed. Moreover, show is produced by public Belgium TV along with Netflix.

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