Ellen DeGenere’s Receives Severe Backlash for Mistreating her Crew During the Tough Time

Some crew members from Ellen DeGenere’s show posted something about the cruelness of Ellen on the show. The social media was quick to react on this news and it got Ellen into trouble. Even according to one of the crew member, Ellen treats her crew members very rudely and therefore they are deciding to take this issue to top authorities.

According to the reports, the crew members who are on a hold or quarantined due to COVID-19 are asked 60% reduced salary. Furthermore, they are also treated ruthlessly not only financially but also triggered by rage. This all lead to social criticism by many people. People were trolling her for the unethical and ruthless way to treat her crew. Some of the famous people were also involved into this criticism like You-Tuber Nikkie De Jagar and her bodyguard who completely agreed to this revelation about Ellen.

Credit: Instagram

However, things are not good with Ellen as well. As this backlash is hurting her show as well and she is also struggling financially. Meanwhile, Ellen’s wife Portia De Rossi is backing her through this situation. She also expressed on social media that “Ellen is going through a tough time and she is at the end of her rope”.

Ellen always says how great-full to have Portia as her wife and as her soul-mate. But at the same time things are strained at their home right now. Also source says, she is not always funny at her home and we accept her as she is. People only see her happy side on television. The source further added Ellen has been in home for a long time. It would take more than a blogger and bodyguard to change what good people think about her.