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Dua Lipa Urges Fans to “stay safe” and Donate to Help Corona Victims in Instagram Post


Corona virus has been plaguing the world for a couple of months. The virus originated in China and has since then spread to one hundred forty two countries. Because of the seriousness of the virus many celebrities have come up to raise awareness about it. Many singers, movie stars and artists have used their influence to reach out to people and advise them on prevention of the disease.

Dua Lipa shows concern for corona victims

Dua Lipa is also among them. In her recent Instagram post the twenty-four-year-old singer asked people to be safe around this time of pandemic. In her post’s caption she wrote that she was not expecting this year to turn out this way. She said that she has all the people affected by the corona virus in her thoughts.

These are difficult and confusing times so she asked them to wash their hands regularly and give their loved ones company and time. Also, she asked people to think about the ones who don’t experience the luxury that other do. People who are less fortunate and underprivileged.

Refugees are the most affected

Dua Lipa referred to the refugees who generally don’t have basic facilities. They don’t have the health facilities that are provided to other people. The refugees have to depend on other organisations or charities to aid them. They are very defenceless and the most susceptible to this virus.

Many United Nations agencies are trying to help the underprivileged in these circumstances. Dua Lipa urged her fans to donate to these agencies and help the people in need. Lipa also featured this in her Instagram story.

According to recent reports, there are 179,223 cases of corona infected people worldwide. There have been 7,067 deaths and 78,285 recoveries. All over the world people are advised to maintain social distance and to refrain from any social gathering.