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The Universal Group CEO ‘Lucian Grainge’ Becomes the Latest Victim of COVID-19

The CEO of Univeral Music Group Inc.- Lucian Grainge has been hospitalized after being tested positive for Covid-19. He currently is receiving the treatment at UCLA Medical Center.

The Symptons of coronavirus that are detected in a person are cold, cough and difficulty in breathing.

Two weeks ago the UMG CEO had his 60th birthday celebrated a grand way. It has been reported that some of the big names including Apple Inc. head Tim Cook, Apple Services Chief Eddy Cue and music executive Irving Azoff attended the party. Since then many efforts have been made to approach them to know their where abouts, but unfortunately none of them were availale to respond to the comment.

Grainge is considered one of the most powerful record industry boss. A source close to the company’s operations recently told that UMG cloed its Santa Monica office on Friday ahead of the confirmation on identity of an employee who has been tested positive. That employee was none other than Grainge himself.

Image: Spin

After having served UMG for a couple of decades, Grainge succedded Doug Morris.The Universal Music Group chief executive officer and chairman was ranked No. 1 on the 2019 Billboard Power 100 chart and was selected as the Billboard executive of the decade.

After it was revealed that Grainge has been tested positive of coronavirus, UMG plans to clean and disconnect the while office, slang with a confirmation that they have contacted exact and every employee who might have have been in close contact on the past 2 weeks with Grainge.

Image: The Wrap

Until now coronavirus hai hit several number of famous personalities including Tom Hanks and his wife, actress and singer Rita Wilson, British actor Idris Elba, and Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We hope for speedy recovery for Lucian Grainge.