Don’t Forget To Watch This Unique Anime About A Lizard Man In New Netflix Anime Dorohedoro! Here is every detail you need to know!


While the anime industry seems to be quite a hit with fans these days, there’s just so many stories and characters to explore for anime lovers. A new name has been added by the streaming giant Netflix and let’s look into all the details of it.

Don’t Forget To Watch This New Anime Streaming On Netflix: Dorohedoro. Here’s All About It.

The newest anime that is streaming on Netflix titled Dorohedoro revolves around a man. However, this man is not as ordinary as after a chain of surprising events, his head is transformed into that of a lizard! This dystopian story of the drama, violence, and well, a lizard man is all you
need to watch at this point.

Like most of the anime show, this one also released in Japan and then made its way in Netflix for the whole world to enjoy as well. The story progresses as Caiman the central protagonist joins a mission with his best friend against an extremely powerful sorcerer.

The Story Has An Unique Plot Which Serves As An Apt Dark Comedy.

The show was repeated on Netflix on 28th May, the show is although grim at times, also has some fun moments which makes it an apt watch for both action-loving anime fans along with regular viewers as well. Don’t forget the sorcerer and a weird obsession with mushroom!

The path for our very own lizard man is not that easy as he suffered Dr memory loss as well! Moreover, he is chased by two assasins all set to kill him in a ruthless way of possible. So don’t forget to stream this newest anime and it surely is recommended by viewers who have given the show positive responses.