Japan Sinks 2020: finally the most anticipated series based on the hit novel is coming soon! Read to know the release date, cast, plot and more updates.

With all that is going on the planet at this moment, maybe no other TV series or anime is more applicable than one about the up and coming downfall of a whole nation. That is actually what we see happen in Japan Sinks 2020, a 1973 disaster novel that will before long be discharged as a Netflix unique anime series.


The Japan Sinks 2020 anime trailer shows the country at risk as disaster strikes. The story follows a cataclysmic event that pulverizes Japan, making portions of it sink submerged. The Netflix unique series shows the frightening catastrophe through the point of view of a family that is up to speed in it. While the decimation of the island country is frequently utilized in movies and TV series, this time there are no beasts answerable for the destruction.



The same number of us know seismic tremors and tidal waves are a typical event in Japan, as it sits on the limits of dangerous structural plates which regularly impact. This land actuality is the reason for both the novel and the anime adjustment.

Not at all like most Netflix unique anime series, Japan Sinks 2020 did not depend on any manga. Rather, the new series originates from a 1973 novel by Sakyo Komatsu. The widely praised novel was famous in now is the right time, winning a wide range of scholarly honors.


While there are no supernatural powers attempting to wreck Japan in this anime, it is an undeniable danger that occurs, in actuality, as well. As we watch the disaster unfurl across Japan in the 10 episode series, we additionally follow a family attempting to comprehend everything and attempting their best to make due against what is by all accounts genuinely impossible chances.