Here’s the real story behind Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Marriage! Read to find out.

Ellen who never desired to be a lesbian had become one. Her life was filled with tragedies that she had never imagined. Every time was asked about her sexuality, she would lie, calling her straight only for her career’s sake. A life filled with struggle was not only heartbreaking but also inevitable.

Rossie has also been on the same lines of thoughts and experiences. The two had never wanted a life that they have now. The struggles of their lives were immense. Rossie never wanted to accept the reality of her sexuality. She struggled in life as a model. Afterward, they married, only to get the green card.

The life-changing sequence in her life

Ellen thought of making a show that dealt with a phone call to god and making that into a show. She gained recognition with that and that’s when she decided to accept the truth about herself and talk about it to the public. She accepted herself as a lesbian. With that, a series of events followed that dipped her career, until 2003 when she started a famous talk show that went viral.

That time the two individuals met each other and fell in love with each other’s soul which they describe to their love for each other at first sight. Rossi broke up with her then-girlfriend and came along with Ellen. She who always feared to leave her then-girlfriend due to her being the most famous lesbian in the industry was made possible when she saw Ellen and took that decision.

The two could come out of their stigma only when they met each other and gave each other the strength to do the same. From then they have spent enough time together. When invited to Oprah’s show, they described their love for each other and told her how the two wanted to stay together regardless of the circumstances. In 2008, California legalized same-sex marriage and that gave a sudden boost into their relationship. Their parents left all their work then and came to their wedding all in their support. The two reinforce each other with their confidence in each other.

Despite their divorce news spreading, they joke about it calling it an acceptance of their marriage by the public and ignored the rumors. Not much after that, the rumors began again, this time a new addition was their news of possessing a baby. The two did not have any plans for the same, however, only to keep the rumors away they named their pet as ‘baby’ so that they could reconcile with others who asked them if they had a kid.