Disney has finally unveiled all the movies which will be available on its new streaming service

Disney has revealed the shows that will be accessible on its new streaming stick. The list comprises of movies and TV shows.

The channel Disney+ is a new channel for the American studio. The channel will launch the shows in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands by November, this year. 11th November is the date decided for all the American fans to own Disney+ channel.

The list of the shows released will include the content supply from channels like Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Lucasfilm. There is an option of pre-booking to receive the channel as soon as it is available. There may be a waiting list.

All the users may not get the privilege to avail of the channel from the first day itself. To avoid this, people can already sign up, pre-book and check the notifications daily.

Disney has finally unveiled all the movies which will be available on its new streaming service 3

Earlier, this year, there was an integration of Fox and Disney productions. Due to this, the show list can be an integral part of many Fox titles.  However, there is no information about the premiere dates of these movies and TV shows in the UK.

According to the sources, we can say that the release is expected to happen by early 2020. Disney UK wrote a tweet that the Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’ will get a release by 2020.

Anticipating about the cost of Disney+ channel? Well, the channel will cost $6.99 per month per subscription for the Americans. It will allow access to around four thousand streaming screens for Disney fans and four streams simultaneously.

For the people in the UK, it will cost £5.46. Although, nobody has confirmed the release date in the UK. The premiere date stays a mystery.

The official twitter page of Disney+ has listed all the movies, documentaries, TV shows in chronological order. The list is seen as a gift from Disney for classic Disney fans.