Disney And Verizon Team Up To Offer Free Streaming Service To Its Customers 

Verizon’s unlimited data plan just got a thousand times better! The loyal customers of the telecommunications company are now being offered a special feature. If you subscribe to their unlimited data plan, you will also be able to get a free year of Disney+ as well.

But first what is Disney+ exactly? It is a new streaming platform offered by Disney where you can watch all their classics under one roof. To avail it, all you have to do is spend $84. This will give you unlimited data with Verizon as well as Disney+. 

It is available for all the existing 4G LTE and 5G customers as well as broadband or wireless customers. This deal is part of an exclusive contract between Disney and Verizon. According to which the network provider will be the sole partner of Disney+ in the US. 

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

But what if you have already purchased a Disney+ subscription before the one-year offer came up? Don’t worry – you can still take advantage of the offer. If you have purchased Verizon’s unlimited plan, your one-year Disney+ subscription will come into effect immediately. And your purchased Disney+ plan will start after the year is over. 

Disney+ made a smart move enlisting Verizon’s help in getting subscribers during their launch. This is because Verizon has around 50 million unlimited plan customers. So, Disney+ will be getting a lot of subscribers within a short time. 

Moreover, a lot of new streaming platforms are launching in the next few months. This includes Apple TV Plus, Comcast’s Peacock and AT&T’s HBO Max. The obvious competition is Netflix who Disney+ is trying to compete with by offering Hulu and ESPN+ together in a pack that costs $12.99 per month. This is the exact price of a Netflix subscription as well. 

Disney+ will launch on November 12th this year.