Did Billie Eilish just diss Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes? Find out below!

As I’m sure everyone knows already, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are the new hot couple in Tinseltown. The reaction from the fans has been extreme. Either they are extremely supportive or think it’s just a phony publicity stunt. Supposedly, they got together during the making of the single Senorita. That is why some fans have their doubts about their relationship. Is it a PR stunt to hype up their song or are the stans just being crazy per usual? Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

The couple recently performed at an award show and their chemistry was trolled by viewers pretty hard. Many even tweeted about how their kissing looks fake in photos!

And now Shawn and Camila have taken a jab at the haters. Responding to all the kissing comments, they made a parody video in which they um… french kiss? It is uncomfortable to watch, honestly! But, they made their point and got everybody’s attention on the internet, for sure. Some thought it was funny while others cringed hard. Social media went wild, and almost everyone had something to say about the video, including celebs

One reaction that has caught everyone’s reaction is of Billie Eilish. The teen singer left a comment under the video, “Yiiiiikes.” Yeah, same Billie, same. However, this started a whole another debate. Was she insulting them? Or being equally as jokey as them? Seeing as she is Camila’s friend, it is quite unlikely she was dissing them. But, fans are very touchy. And Shawn and Camila have a LOT of them. They probably couldn’t get Billie’s sarcastic humour, and a fan war started between the two camps. We will probably get a clarification from her soon seeing how she is getting dragged.

Oh well. We hope the three of them are left in peace. Unless… Camila and Shawn post another video like that. In that case, off with their heads!