Ash Ketchum finally becomes a champion and fans can’t keep calm. Looks like there will be another set of memes!

We have grown up watching Pokemon. It was such a craze that you couldn’t escape it even if you tried! For many, it was the first anime they watched and remains to this day one of the most successful crossover animes. From the series to the cards and then Pokemon Go, people are obsessed and can’t let go.

If you have been a loyal fan of the anime, you must be tired. No, really. Haven’t you been waiting and waiting for Ash to finally be a champion? It seems like a never-ending lesson he has to learn – failure and humility. Frankly, fans were growing a bit exhausted of it. When will we get to see the glory of Ash the Champion?!

Well, grumble no more! Ash Ketchum has finally won himself a championship. In the Pokemon Sun Moon series, he has emerged victorious in the Aloha region. Yes, you read it right! The curse has been broken, ladies and gentlemen. Fans of all ages have been celebrating on social media.

On the flip side, many of them have also raised questions about whether this is truly his first championship. Ash has previously won the Orange League and Battle Frontier. So, does this championship truly count as his first?

Well, if you look at the technicalities… yes. Orange is technically not a league and so isn’t Battle Frontier. They were just competitions and not full-on championships. So, even though they were a nice achievement, you couldn’t call Ash a champion till now.

Most importantly, it is an end of an era for “Ash is a loser” jokes. Truly a sad time when a legendary meme dies. But, don’t worry cause another slew of memes are coming to keep you entertained. Ash’s win has led to some hilarious reactions from fans. Keep ’em coming!