‘Dead Boy Detectives’: Caitlin Reilly & Max Jenkins Join Michael Beach, Joshua Colley in HBO Max Series

Michael Beach, Joshua Colley and Lindsey Gort Enter Dead Boy Detectives

The New Detectives on the way…!

Yes, you heard it right. New cast is joining HBO Max’s upcoming drama series Dead Boy Detectives. The Dead Boy Detectives is an upcoming drama series which is based on DC Comics characters created by Neil Gaiman.

Dead Boy Detectives' Casts Michael Beach, Joshua Colley ...

Roles and cast

In the key roles, Michael Beach has already acted in Dahmer Monster. then even Joshua Colley has some sort of role in the series. He has done a remarkable work in Senior Year. The next top cast which is joining the show is Lindsey Gort. She has worked in the series All Rise and has a great future ahead.

This ghost story, Dead Boy Detectives, is made of eight parts. It explores grief, loss and death through the eyes of a character named Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland. These both are the deceased teenagers from Britain and their true friend Crustal Palace also has a remarkable role in the scene.

Dead Boy Detectives Casts Michael Beach, Joshua Colley & Lindsey Gort | Hbomax - Deadboydetectives


Colley plays Monty which is a teen who loves astrology and also is responsible for seeing hosts around and scary scenes.

Gort is playing Maxine. She is a quirky librarian from Port Townsend. It has a huge history. Gort is also well known for his role as the lead in The Carrie Diaries.

Beach is playing the roles of Tragic Mick. He is wadrius trapped in a human body that sometimes helps dead boys.

This ghost series has a lot of scope ahead and is ready to build up its strong fanbase. Collab with these three stars is one step ahead of a good season for this series.

Dead Boy Detectives

This series is shortly going to release on HBO Max. It is all about ghost drama. Horror series are one of the most awaited things to watch.

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