Dark Claw: A Comic World where the Explosive Combination of Batman and Wolverine Exists

A comic series where some of the famous heroes and villains have been merged into one

Take a trip to the Amalgam Universe: One where everyone’s favourite heroes from both the Marvel and DC Universes have been combined to produce the best possible results. One such creation is Dark Claw – A combination of Batman and Wolverine, where they combine Batman’s top notch detective skills with Wolverine’s claws and healing factor.

A Genius Collaboration

Back in 1996, both industries decided to team up to create something unique. The idea was to make heroes from both universes face off against each other. Over the course of many years, they came up with four mega-issues. In the midst of this, the Amalgam Universe came to be. There were twenty-four issues from this Universe. Others included the Super-Soldier (a combo of Superman and Captain America), Doctor Strangefate (you know who that is), and the JLX, which is a combination of Justice League and the X-Men.

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The first issue of Dark Claw was the Legends of the Dark Claw written by Larry Hama and Jim Balent. Dark Claw is on a hunt for the Hyena, who is the combination of Joker and Sabertooth. Meanwhile Carol Danvers/ Huntress infiltrates a mansion belonging to Logan, who is a Canadian orphan who became a millionaire artist. Hyena escapes and Dark Claw returns home to find Huntress. Since they already know each other, he takes her to his secret cave, called the Burrow. Over there, we get to see Sparrow, the cross between Robin and Jubilee, who was trying to crack Buena’s message. There they realise that he was going to poison the president who was travelling on Air Force One and swing into action.

Dark Claw makes a return in Dark Claw Adventures where he speaks about his no killing rule, despite having claws.

The Amalgam Universe has been dissolved afterwards and we doubt if we will ever get to see these characters again. But we should admire their creativity and it managed to impress the readers. Let’s hope we get to see this again.