After Adele, Rebel Wilson is Next Celebrity Who is Undertaking Weight Loss Journey

“I’m working hard”, the Pitch Perfect actress revealed

Rebel Wilson is using her quarantine period productively by focusing on her fitness.

The Aussie actress, who turned forty in March said in an Instagram post that she’s trying to get down to 75kg or 165lbs towards the end of this year. Aside from that, she’s also trying to roll one of her films into the production stage before this year ends.

Words of Motivation

The Bridesmaids actress shared that this year will be a ‘Year of Health’ for her and revealed her weight loss goals. She spoke about the movie as well and admitted that both needs to have efforts put in daily and setbacks keep on occurring, but she’s working hard all the same.


Rebel announced back in January that she was going to be focusing on her health more, and talked about how she went for a walk, and later on talked about how she was avoiding all the junk food and sugar in her diet, which seems like a difficult task. Anyone who has tried dieting will understand how much of a herculean effort it takes just to reduce the quantity of food in your diet, much less take entire items out of it, like greasy stuff. Avoiding unhealthy items for a day will seem like cakewalk but afterwards, many of us have a tendency to relapse and go right back to our old habits.

The actress told Entertainment Tonight that she had started shedding kilos while shooting for 2019’s Cats, which starred some of the A-List celebrities but was a box office disaster. Wilson said that she lost eight pounds in just four days, because there were a lot of activities to be done, and also the heat was raised to almost 100 degrees so that the performers would not cool down.