Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has received a fair share of both positive and negative reviews. Watch it or skip it?

Not all that shines is glitter and similarly, all that we think is bad may not be so. Different people have different understandings of several things and it isn’t easy to comprehend everything in the same way as that of others. It becomes difficult and tricky for people that don’t think in a certain way to be made to think or expect to be thinking in a certain way. Movies and shows that meet the standards that one expects them to meet may not always be like by people worldwide, rather only by people that think alike in terms of what is shown.

What is the recent review that took the limelight?

Christopher Nolan has made the Tenet that is beyond many people’s understanding. Not only did people not understand what it had to carry but also didn’t understand the way things went in the same. The creator of this project is also the creator of Interstellar that we have watched at least once in our lifetime.

If not yet, we are advised to watch, especially if you are a science addict. The movie isn’t easy for everyone to understand and that explains the reason for its critics which is what Tenet was experiencing in recent times as well. Tenet was one of the most disliked or the lowest rated products of the entertainment industry in Hollywood as of now.

This is due to the fact that not everyone can think the way the director or the creator thought and is tough for everyone’s understanding as that is how its reach lowers due to the content that it had. For those who haven’t yet watched it is advised to stream and watch it on any broadcasting platform that is available and see the reviews for themselves.