What is this new “Pi Planet” discovered by the astronomers and why has it been named so?

Scientists at MIT and several other places have discovered a planet that resembles the earth and is habitable as predicted by the research. The planet belongs to the 315th planetary system and is expected to be supporting life in it. The temperature, although higher than preferred for life, the conditions otherwise match that for a suitable life condition zone. The name of the planet is K2-315b that is named the pi planet that is due to its revolution time around its sun, 3.14 days and that’s how it gets the name of itself.

Astronomers Discover 'Pi Earth' Exoplanet Orbits Its Star Once Every 3.14 Days
picture: science alert

From where was the planet discovered?

The SPECULOOS has been responsible for the discovery of the planet as it could be spotted by the telescopes on the earth that comprises many telescopes spread across the earth. The telescopes determine the physical characteristics of a star with the light brightness, the heat, and the color that it spreads and that is caught by the telescopes on the earth. The research was conducted by a joint effort by the Heising-Simons Foundation and the European Research Council.

The algorithm that is followed to find the above planet can be used even in the future to find other habitable planets that can support life such as mars. The discovery was a great one in the field of science and must be taken a lesson from so that there is more investment into the field of astronomy and that there are better developments in the field for the future to be better aware of the technologies and the cosmological discoveries that take place and help us learn about the outer space better. Not only do some space agencies need to invest in the arena, but also other capable and soon to rise organizations.

π Earth": Astronomers discover Earth-sized planet that takes 3.14 days to orbit its star
picture: ZME science