The Rise of Skywalker is suspiciously similar to Return of the Jedi! Here are the major similarities you need to know.

There are series and movies that resemble each other in terms of the appearance of the plot that is copied by the directors and the creators of the entertainment industry provided they get something out of it and have things to inculcate to complete their product, be it movies or songs, anything will be furnished with the decisions that they take and only then will the outcome be worth seeing. The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Return of the Jedi have common points that the two share with each other and have resemblance with the other.

The list will show the similarities between the two.

  1. New Lightsaber- the two are resembling in its use and appearance which gives it a similar look.
  2. The death of emperor Palpatine- the way the two ends is much similar as fans might have seen and compared for themselves to see the similarities between the two.

3. Redemption of the main villain- the villain, although slightly different in their ways and character as a whole- has the same way of remembering in the end which is also the appreciation point for the fans who have watched the project release.

4. The force ghosts at the end- the ghosts that appear in the end as disclosure are much similar in appearance and they have many common points between the two.

5. Ways of celebrating- every victory is celebrated in a way that is unique to the characters and is liked by them, the way victory is celebrated in the two projects is much similar which happens at a more often scale in the two.

These were the things that we spotted to be the same and that were enjoyed by the public after they watched the two series that they might have seen skeptically.